Hikari is our home…

A home built by, run by, and loved by ‘misfits’.

Together we cannot be ignored.

As worshippers of the Celestial God, the Celestial Clan has a simple mission: to purge galaxies of their evils. They exist in small, tight knit groups, directly competing with other members within the clan for prestige and power from their god.

As worshippers of the Sun God, the Scorching Sun Clan is devoted to the liberation of the oppressed and protection of innocents. A joyous and expressive people, they warmly welcome all who wish to join them in eradicating the evils of the realm.

As worshipers of the old gods, those belonging to the Tempest clan have retained many of their ancient traditions. Living in small villages, they value family, stability and their connection with the nature that surrounds them.

Unlike other clans, the Crescent Moon Clan has no settlements and members have limited internal relationships. As contract killers they spend their life in the shadows, serving the secret high table. They are the 'hidden hand' in the realm.

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