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Every journey begins with a soul. Scarce in numbers, their energies cannot be created nor destroyed. Only transferred.

When transferred its owner accepts the gift of life, And bears the curse of choice.


Many are their uses, these ancient souls of old. As their numbers dwindle, their value shall rise, When new paths to walk are brought to light.

A life lived heroically shall create epic tales, spread far and wide in written form. To each hero a copy is given to treasure.

Leaders in spirit and culture, their style is imitated by the masses, sought after by their disciples…

Called from the heights of the mountains, the world shall know their name. Once alone but now rallied under a cause, a home built by, run by and loved by ‘misfits’.

Who will you become? The story is yours to write…
The Journey Begins
- At Mint

Begin your journey with a soul

Upon minting Hikari you will receive a ‘soul’. One Hikari soul can be used to enter Gen-U at any given time, transferring its energy into your Hikari character. However, you may also choose to hold onto your soul in order to unlock future opportunities that may only be unleashed by the energy within a soul.
Future Opportunities

Future opportunities that can only be unlocked through the energy held within a soul.

When will you choose to release your soul's energy? Character creation through the Gen-U system is your only option at the beginning, but more will arise…
- 4 Weeks Post Mint

Receive a personalized physical copy of the Hikari Comic

All minters of Hikari will have the opportunity to receive an honorary edition of the community written Hikari Comic book. This will mark the start of our cross over into the physical world.

The Hikari community has already begun work on this to ensure it is completed in a timely manner (aiming to have all editions shipped within four weeks post-mint). You will have seven days from mint to place your order.

If you have gone through the Gen-U experience and have received your character before the cut off time, you can place your Hikari character on the front page of your edition.
- 6 Weeks Post Mint

Access to the Hikari Streetwear Collection

Expanding on our crossover into the physical world, the Hikari community will be releasing a streetwear collection. This collection will represent us as a brand: a group of misfits that once tried to blend in who will now stand out. This collection will be led by our artist Jeez and will commence at the completion of mint.
The Vision

The Hikari Vision

Web3 has given us the opportunity to come together as outcasts, nerds and misfits from across the globe to craft our own world.

Hikari starts with the community, forming a collective of visionaries, builders, creatives, and anime fans, combining forces to push the boundaries in Web3 and get Hikari in front of the eyes of as many people as possible.

Through this, we will open the doors to endless opportunities. A Hikari short film, anime feature, and large brand partnerships are the avenues we intend to explore.
- At Mint

Gen-U: World’s First Generative Personalisation System

Personalization has revolutionized the direct-to-consumer industry, allowing brands to tailor products to the varied needs of the consumer. Gen-U is a brave step by Hikari and Chain-X to lead a new wave of personalization in the NFT space.

Our mission is to create the deepest bond ever seen between holder and art. Gen-U is the first step in achieving this.

Once you have minted your soul, you will have the opportunity to go through the Gen-U experience at any time by connecting your wallet to our website. Gen-U will then combine aspects of world-renowned personality profile testing and a branching anime storyline to evaluate your ethics, morals and values. From this data it will generate a custom character that represents the life you have lived ‘in-game’.

Holders will receive their revealed Hikari character within 48 hours of completing Gen-U.
Legends of Hikari
- 8 Weeks Post Mint

Over the past few weeks, the Hikari team and SpireText have been working on the development of the Hikari MOBA. This will make the first step for characters into the Hikari metaverse.